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A brief history of Adult Work

If you are a grown up then you will of course be well aware of the oldest, and still one of the largest, industries in the world today – welcome to the world of adult work, a place where anything goes.

Being the oldest industry in the world, the adult work or sex industry as it may be known has had a long time to develop. It has a long and varied and thus incredibly rich history, from the earliest times to the present day. It has been providing something that everyone wants for millennia, since time immemorial in fact. Finally, it is also one of the world’s most important industries, driving creativity, human interaction and human knowledge all along the way.

Ancient history of adult workers

There are many examples of adult work across the ages, from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Sumerians to the depravities of the Romans and their love of communal orgies, the rich tapestry of history woven by the sex industry is there for all to see in all its glory!

On the Palatine hill in ancient Rome itself for instance, the emperor Nero had erected a fabulous temple to human sexual gratification, a revolving dining room – which revolved both day and night –which was over 50 feet across. This is where his many guests could indulge in orgies and sexual experimentation of the most lurid kind.

Emperor Nero’s guests were able to peer out of the palace windows to watch a show involving young men being smeared in tar, bound to wooden stakes and interfered with by naked and semi naked dancing girls all doing their very best to impress. The whole affair is thought to have ended in a chorus of piercing screams as it reached its often violent crescendo at the whim of Nero himself and his acolytes.

Nero of course was famous, or infamous, for having a long-term affair with his mother, Agrippina, until he tired of her due to her egregious ways and put her to death.

Working adults in the modern world

You may think that such sexual depravities are now part of history but a quick look at the behaviour of certain modern day political leaders, perhaps not too far removed from the Romans themselves, may prove otherwise. Whatever the case, this story simply serves to illustrate that the adult world industry is still alive and kicking its heels in the modern day.

Adult Work Careers

There are many different careers open to all in the adult work or sex industry, such as escorts, companions, dancers and entertainers of various forms, both men and women blurring the boundaries of decency sometimes but also often pushing the boundaries. Creativity is at the heart of most modern day industries and those working in the adult industry or providing adult work are simply replicating this in their own way, in the industry that they know best.

Whatever you are looking to do perhaps yourself, with a partner or a group of others, there is always going to be both lots to see and lots to do in the world’s oldest industry.

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