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Once you can view source you can start to get right where you want to be. Many guys settle for whatever pussy they can get and others always have to be the ones who come out on top. I guess I am right there in the middle of them because I can settle for anything and still be ready for more.

It really depends on just how eager my cock is for it. If I want to find and fuck I know I’ll get whatever pussy is there for the taking. If I am in a mood to play around a bit I’ll work hard and find a girl who’s up for the action. NSA dating has really expanded my efforts for finding discreet local sex and in the best possible way.

I used to spend loads of time trying my luck on all sorts of women and most of the time I’d end up giving up and I would soon find myself jerking off to porn. Those days are in the past now and I think they can stay there. I am getting weekly sex and I could even get it daily, but I am trying not to be too greedy.

The best thing about these local sluts is they want the same things that you do. They don’t want you to take them out to dinner, but you can snack on their pussy if that’s what you want. Casual flings, random fucks, you can have that and eat your lunch as well. Stop messing about with those failed methods and use something that works!

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